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A gift to remember

For many of us, finding the perfect gift, for our friends might be exhausting. You must pay attention to their desires and then try fulfil their wishes.
This happened to me as well. My business partner soon will be 40 years old and he is the type of man who has everything and can afford everything. So you can imagine how hard it is to try to satisfy a man like him.
He is the type of man who is living his life, has no plans for marriage or children whatsoever. And he lived all types of experiences.
So, what can I do to impress him?
Start googling and found this great offer on a website…going for a week travelling from Monaco to London. And in each city we stop we have something planned for us.
Didn’t think too much and booked the holiday, for me and him.
We first arrived in Monaco where we had a great dinner and then we rented 2 sports cars. One was a Lamborghini and the other a Aston Martin. We had a blast, we drove around the city for hours and stopped for a quick dinner. After that we had other days full of new activities. From horse riding to dancing salsa in one of the best clubs.

Our last stop was in London. Glad we were there for the last night because London is full of entertainment. One can never get bored there.
We stayed at the Ritz in Central London where we met for lunch with other business partners and friends.
For the night they booked an entire club for us. That was a huge surprise. The club was packed with beautiful ladies who were eager to satisfy all our needs. We didn’t care if they were escorts or not, we wanted just to have fun. And we did. They were party girls. The ladies wouldn’t say no to anything. They mostly initiate all the crazy things we did in that club. And the ladies from London for sure know how to party.
I have never seen my friend enjoy himself do much with the London escorts. You could see on his face he was the happiest man. He had that silly smile on his face that just couldn’t go away.

Me. on the other hand, couldn’t believe my eyes how things can turn up when you have an entire club for yourself and your friends. You can do everything you have in mind there. And you feel like a superstar. The scene from that club in that night resembled like a scene from a movie. All was glamorous and everyone was in their own world.
It was absolutely crazy.
In my opinion, that’s a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday. I know what I want for my own, when I will be forty.